From Their Heart to Yours: AlzAuthors

Introducing AlzAuthors, managed by six daughters who experienced the loss of a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias, and decided to write about it. Their AlzAuthors books were written with a common goal:

To make a difference.

Social media brought the original three founders together as cyber friends. With an initial idea to raise awareness, their collaboration began in June 2015 when they pooled their skills and resources. In 2016, these founders continued to combine forces, starting the not-for-profit blog, Today, those same founders and the rest of the members of the current Management Team - all of whom are volunteers - strive to eliminate the stigma surrounding dementia while enabling caregivers and others to find a variety of written resources to educate and enlighten about this far too prevalent disease of our generation. is a community of over 170 best-selling, award-winning authors, most of whom have never shaken hands, yet they joined forces because of the impact Alzheimer’s and other dementias had on their lives. Together they advocate for those living with dementia and their caregivers, providing education and awareness of a disease that is currently estimated to affect over 50 million people worldwide.

The Bookstore is an amazing go-to collection of the top books on this topic that not only serve individual caregivers, but also long-term care facilities, doctor’s offices, and other professionals offering eldercare services.

One can sing a lonely song, but they chose to form a choir and create harmony.


AlzAuthors’ goal is to spread encouragement and provide much-needed support to those going through experiences similar to those faced by members of the AlzAuthors group. Discover helpful resources at, @AlzAuthors on Twitter, through their Alzheimer’s and Dementia Resources Facebook Page or on Instagram as @AlzAuthors.