How to Enhance Document & Financial Security

We all have daily checklists... But how often do you think about your loved one's sensitive information? 

Lights off? Check.
Wallet? Check.
Keys? Check.
Long-term document security? What??
Confidence your loved one’s finances are taken care of? WHAT? That's possible?!


Don’t worry—Alz You Need is here to help you stay proactive. 

Depending on the stage of your loved one’s disease, all of these considerations are important to keep in mind—either for now, or later. Being prepared doesn’t have to be difficult, and planning isn’t just for emergencies. When crises do occur, you’ll be glad you thought ahead.

In the event that your loved one needs immediate medical assistance, there are tools that can help you locate important insurance and/or identification information. And when your loved one can’t remember login information, passwords, or contacts, there’s also solutions for that.

Multiple caregivers? No problem. The solutions we recommend help to make such documents and other sensitive information easily accessible and readily available to all members of your care circle anytime, anywhere. Here are two technologies we think can help: 


Lifesite is a web-based service and app that provides secure document storage, acting as an online safety deposit box. It secures and consolidates identifications, health and insurance documents, passwords, and financial information. Lifesite helps to make sensitive documents accessible at all times—and in emergencies—to all family members and associated caregivers. Lifesite is simple and functional, enabling remote scanning and access via app to streamline care.


SilverBills is an online financial service that enables remote bill paying for your loved one. It helps to ensure all bills are paid in the correct amount and on time. SilverBills analyzes transactions to help avoid payment and due date errors, protecting your loved one’s financial security and longevity. Be alerted at any sign of fraudulent activity and cancel anytime, risk-free. SilverBills also produces a number of helpful articles and features that can help provide insight into the dos and don’ts of aging and financial security.

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