How to Improve Medication Adherence with Technology

My mom has quickly advancing Alzheimer’s disease. Despite this, everyday, she wakes up and runs through the same morning routine. The catch is that she often forgets steps along the way, meaning my routine has to sync up with hers. I do my best to be diligent and patient—as does my father, who is her primary caregiver—but we’re both human: mistakes happen.

Mom: Leda, have I taken my medication today?

Leda (me): I’m not sure, ask Dad.

Mom: Eric, have I taken my medication today?

Dad (Eric): I’m not sure, ask Leda.

A little too familiar? If you’re reading this, you can probably recall a time when medication management caused your own family stress, worry, and confusion.


When it comes to keeping track of the little—yet crucial—things like medication doses, technology doesn’t miss a beat. Even better, it can help to ensure your loved one doesn’t either. Everyday all caregivers can do is their best, and I know first hand how helpful the right tools can be.

Avoid anxiety-inducing miscommunications and help to ensure your loved one never loses track of another dose with the help of technology. Here are three examples of products that can aid in medication adherence:


Pillsy monitors medication intake in real-time through smart cap. Synced via the Pillsy App, the smart cap sends reminders when it’s time to take your pill, or when a double dose is about to be taken. Pillsy helps to ensure the correct dose is always taken - at the right time. Access your medication history easily - anytime, anywhere through the app. Use the sharing feature to automatically alert loved ones when a dose has been missed. Let Pillsy do the thinking for you, making medication adherence easier than ever.

Who should try it:

  • Great for families with multiple caregivers
  • Ideal for those taking one medication; each Pillsy bottle is separate, though you can purchase multiple
  • Requires a smartphone, but is easy to use (automatic notifications with no buttons required)
  • At $49.99, it’s the least expensive of the three options

Pill Drill

Pill Drill enables audio-visual reminders through a unique specially-designed hub. A pill strip allows you to keep multiple medications in one consolidated place, and additional scanning tags are available to attach to further medication bottles. Medications are scanned at intake, and notifications are sent to loved ones. A scannable mood cube also allows you to alert loved ones as to how you’re feeling.

Who should try it:

  • Ideal for those reliant on multiple medications
  • Great for those with a history of mood imbalance - helps to track how you feel
  • At $279, it’s the most expensive of the three options


Med-E-Lert Pill Box Dispenser

Med-E-Lert Pill Box Dispenser easily dispenses pills and reminds you to take them - alarms will flash for 30 minutes until pills are removed, and the device can be set to release medications multiple times a day. The dispenser retains settings when batteries are removed and replaced. Let technology help you without the fuss - a single device that simplifies and streamlines care.

Who should try it:

*Please note that the life expectancy of this device is 1-2 years.

*Please note that the life expectancy of this device is 1-2 years.

  • Great for those looking for an easy to use solution that does not require a smartphone
  • Better for individuals in assisted living or those with around-the-clock care (does not notify loved ones of missed/double doses)
  • At $79.95, it’s priced between the alternate options, but consider life expectancy of the device

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