MemoryWell: Your Story, Well Told

We're excited to welcome MemoryWell, a digital platform for elder storytelling, into our Care Alliance! Their network of more than 600 professional writers works with families, senior living communities and home care providers to replace burdensome intake questionnaires with brief, intimate stories. MemoryWell's portraits build empathy and are poignant keepsakes for families. 

MemoryWell grew out of our founder Jay Newton-Small's experience with her father, who was living with Alzheimer's disease. When Jay moved him into a senior living community, she was asked to fill out a long, generic questionnaire about his life. This made no sense to her: who would remember pages of hand-written data points for 150+ residents? Instead, as a longtime journalist she wrote his story for his caregivers and it transformed his life. The stories MemoryWell creates are available on their digital platform for families to share and add to, and they can also be printed out to make for easy offline use. 

I saw MemoryWell's power to enhance well-being for a person living with dementia with my own mom. A few weeks ago we created a MemoryWell story for her, and the joy we both received upon reading the story was unparalleled. The story is comprehensive yet succinct, making it a perfect tool to facilitate a positive, shared experience. 

Iā€™m fortunate that my mother still lives with us at home, but when she transitions to a care facility, I have peace of mind knowing MemoryWell will help make that transition smooth, and person for my mom.  

To let MemoryWell tell your story, visit