Meet Sociavi: Connecting You & Your Loved One

We are thrilled to welcome our newest partner, Sociavi, into the Alz You Need community!

As we strive to bring the best dementia assistive technologies to families just like yours, we value our partnerships as a critical step in creating an accessible marketplace to help transform technology adoption. Sociavi is an easy-to-use, hands-free, customizable tablet that instantaneously connects your loved one with family and friends. With an interface constructed to consider the challenges of aging, Sociavi fits the needs of those living with Alzheimer’s and dementia.


Living apart from your loved ones doesn’t mean you have to be far from them.

Families have found that Sociavi makes it easier to stay in touch with loved ones, streamlining and simplifying communication. Sociavi connects generations, enabling in-the-moment sharing of photos, videos, and messages from phones to the tablet. Your loved ones can experience memories as they happen and be included in your family’s day-to-day activities and celebrations—from wherever they may be.

For those living with Alzheimer’s and dementia, Sociavi can help keep them cognitively engaged and mentally active, reducing social isolation and improving well-being. Users have found Sociavi helps enhance cognitive and memory processes and visibly improves alertness and clarity of speech.

It is our hope that this new partnership will help families access life-changing technologies, like Sociavi. Innovators have designed products to alleviate a wide range of caregiving challenges, and no family should go without help because they do not know the technology exists. Together, we hope to continue our work of building a better marketplace, fit for every family’s needs.